Quality Control

  • Alarsin has a well-equipped analytical lab which works along with the production department to ensure superior quality of each product.
  • High standard quality is maintained in each process and a separate quality control department exists to maintain quality at each junction right from procurements of raw materials to packing and dispatching.
  • After completion of the finished product, the completed product undergoes detailed analysis and only then is released for packing.
  • Packing material are also tested for their specifications and only quality cleared packing material are released for further process.
  • Every batch of each product is monitored by QC, samples are collected and again subjected to complete analysis. Thus assuring perfect quality even after packing.
  • Samples are also tested for their stability study during and after expiry period.

Quality Control For Raw Material Procurement

The quality of Raw materials is very important as it defines the quality of the final product. Orders to the suppliers are issued only after quality approval of samples. Once the materials reach our premises, it is kept in quarantine for various quality tests. We use the traditional methods as well as most modern scientific technologies for identification, authentication and quality assurance of all the raw materials. We have experienced and senior medical consultant in our factories who checks the materials initially followed by different laboratory tests.