Alarsin Ayurvedic Products

Clinical Experience & Research Trials

Our products are evaluated on the basis of controlled, double blind cross over trials, laboratory and other investigations, clinical observations and follow ups.

A number of research papers and articles based on modern Clinical, Pharmacological, Bacteriological and Experimental status on Alarsin research products have been presented before Medical, Dental and Veterinary conferences and published in recognized medical journals in India and Abroad.

Alarsin is an ISO and GMP certified company and our products are well established and accepted by medical practitioners and patients all over. We provide safe, simple and reliable treatments.

Concept of Ayurveda

Samudra Manthan Churning of the Cosmic Ocean: in Hindu mythology forms one of the most fascinating subject of enquiry and research because of its symbolic significance at various levels. It was the first universal research project to discover the eternal principles of Science and Art of Life and Living. And to find remedies to save civilizations from material, mental and spiritual crisis and chaos that engulf man in every age.

At the final epic climax of Samudra Manthan, there arose from the Cosmic Ocean a youth eternal, Bhagwan Dhanwantri, God of Ayurveda with Amrut: eternal principles and techniques of practicing Science and Art of Life and Living.

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