D2D ®

  • A time tested, judicious & safe formulation of Ayurvedic Ingredients.
  • Increases digestion
  • Promotes appetite
  • Valuable in dyspepsia, flatulence and painful infection of stomach.



  • It relieves hepatic congestion and modifies hepatic secretion.
  • Specific for all forms of Dyspepsia, Gastric troubles etc.
  • Increases digestion and promotes appetite.
  • It is highly useful in Chronic diarrhoea dysentery, flatulence,
    vomiting, hiccup, enlarged spleen and liver.
  • Chew slowly 1-2 tablets of D2D before and after meals as per indications. Treatment to be continued for 2-5 days. Then as and when required.

Samudra Lavan, Nimbusar, Amchur, Imlisar, Nava Sagar, Jira (Safed), Mari, Harde, Hing, Sunth, Chitraka, Sajjikhar Suddha, Amla, Pipar, Kalanamak, Ajowan Phul.