Leptaden (Vet)

Leptaden (vet) ®

For Better Feed Utilization& Egg Production



  • Helps proper growth and better weight gain.
  • Improves feed Utilization.
  • Improves Egg Quality (volume, albumin, yolk and shell thickness).
  • Increase Egg Laying Capacity.
  • Chicks & Broilers: Increase body weight by better feed utilization: Better weight gain at less cost.
    Pullets: LEPTADEN (vet) helps to attain maturity in good time. Leptaden(Vet) to be started from 16th -17th week.
    Non- Layers & Irregular Layers: Initiates, regularizes and improves Egg Laying Capacity.
    Stress Conditions: Mounting: Convalescence: Normal health is regained quickly. Egg laying performance is restored earlier.
  • Crush Leptaden(vet) tablets to powder and mix it with poultry feed. 3-5 tabs in 1 kg of poultry feed.