G32* as local Application in cases of deep Periodontal Pocket with

Poor Oral Hygiene Index (OHI )




The prevalence of Periodontal disease is high in our country which accounts for the loss of teeth at an early age. It has been accepted that oral health has a bearing on the general health of the individual. In the present day concept of total health care of the individual, tooth care and oral hygiene find an important place.

The signs of Periodontal disease are pain, swelling and bleeding gums and formation of pocket. In a country like ours, where the majority of population belongs to low socio­economic status, it becomes impera­tive to have a suitable medicament to prevent and control periodontal disease. The present study aims at the- assessment of G32, an ayurvedic drug, in the treatment of periodontal disease.

G32 Composition and Indications

G32 is available in easily crushable tablets, the powder of which is to be applied locally in oral conditions. It is used as topical application and massage, rinse and gargle. It has astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflam­matory, anodyne, styptic, deodorant, aromatic, cooling and healing pro­perties. G32 is indicated in gingi­vitis, bleeding, swollen, spongy and painful gums; periodontal disease; before and after cleaning, scaling and other prophylactic measures; mouth ulcers; common oral mucosal lesions, etc. and to improve oral hygiene in health and disease.

Each tablet of G32 contains :

Bakula (Mimisops elangi) 80 mg.
Chok (Calcium Carbonate) 75 mg.
Katho (Acacia Catechu) 40 mg.
Laving (Myrtus caryo-phyllus) 20 mg
Chikani Sopari(Areca catechu) 20 mg
Fatakadi (Alumen) 20 mg
Mayafal (Quercus Infectoria) 20 mg
Elaichi (Elettaria cardamum) 10 mg.
Sonageru (Silicate of alumina and Iron Oxide) 10 mg.
Tiro (Carom Carui) 10 mg.
Majith (Rubia Cordifolia) 10 mg.
Pashanbhed (Saxifruga Ligulata) 10 mg.
Vaviding (Embelia rihes) 10 mg.
Pipalani Lako (Ficus religiosa) 10 mg.
Samudralin (Os sapiae) .10 mg
Vajradanti (Barleria prionitis) 10 mg.
Taj (Cinnamomum cassia)  5 mg.
Mari (Piper nigrum)  5 mg.
Sajikhar (Sodium Carbonate  impura)  5 mg.
Kulinjan (Alpinia chinensis)  5 mg.
Piper (Piper longum) 5 mg.
Kapur (Camphora officinarum) 5 mg.
Kuth (Uncaria gambier) 5 mg.
Gunder (Acacia arabica) 20 mg.

Materials and Methods

100 patients of both sexes, aged between 20-39 years, were selected for study. Patients suffering from systemic diseases, such as tubercu­losis and diabetes were excluded. A complete record of each patient was maintained in a proforma specially prepared for this study. Oral hygiene status was assessed as per OHI of Green and Vermillion. The depth of the periodontal pocket was measured by a pocket marking probe.

In each patient, a through oral prophylaxis was carried out in two sittings before starting G32 treat­ment. The patient was recalled for checkup and clinical assessment at the end of 24 hours, on the 7th day and 14th day and lastly on 21st day of treatment for final assessment. Age Groups : Patients were aged between 20-39 years. There were 50 males and 50 females (Table 1).

Oral Hygiene Status before G32 use

OHI was assessed as per Green and Vermillion. Out of 100 cases, OHI was Good in 2%, Fair in 11% and Poor in 87′)„. (Table II).

Depth of Periodontal Pocket before Treatment

It was observed that 86% of patients had a pocket depth of 4 mm. There was no difference between males and females in relation to pocket depth. (Table III).

G32 Application

Each patient was advised to apply the powder of 2 tabs. of G32 three times a day, for 21 days. The pow­der was applied to the affected parts and gently massaged without causing pain. The patient was asked to rinse and gargle after ten minutes with luke warm water. The patient was examined on the 2nd day, 7th day and lastly on 2Ist day of G32 treatment.

Results of G32 use : Assessment of Clinical Relief, OHI and Periodontal Pocket :

Pain : There was complete relief from pain to all the 100 patients within 7 days of G32 use.

Swelling : Swelling was absent or markedly reduced within 7 days of G32 use.

Bleeding Gums : All the 100 patients had no bleeding from gums within 7 days of G32 use.

OHI : Oral Hygiene Index was assessed by the method of Green and Vermillion, before and after G32 treatment. Before treatment, OHI was poor in 87%, fair in 11% and Good only in 2% of patients. After G32 application for 21 days, OHI was Good in 85%, Fair in 9% and Poor only in 6% of patients. Res­ponse to G32 treatment was same in both males and females. (Table IV).

Depth of Pocket after G32 Local Treatment

Periodontal pocket completely disappeared in 42% of cases after

G32 use of 21 days and it was only 1 mm depth in 45% of cases. There were 9 cases (9%) with pocket depth of 2 mm after treatment. In 4 cases there was no improvement at all. Response to G32 was same in both sexes. (Table V).


  1. There was complete relief from pain, swelling and bleeding from gums in 7 days of treatment with
  2. OHI improved in 94′,”, with G32 treatment.
  3. Periodontal pocket disappeared in 42% and was minimal (1 mm) in 45% with G32 treatment.
  4. G32 has no local or systemic toxic or side effects and is a very safe drug for application in the


Thanks to Alarsin pharmaceuticals Bombay 400 023 for their coopera­ration.


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