Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune chronic inflammatory disorder. As the disease progresses, the inflamed synovium invades and damages the cartilage and bone of the joint.
One of the best ways to treat rheumatism is by taking natural and effective treatment processes offered by Ayurveda. Alarsin’s R.Compound treats arthritis naturally that include no side effects.


It is widely recognized that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for human infants. If you want to make sure that you are able to give your baby enough nutrition and immunity through your breast milk then you need to take proper care of your diet so that you can produce enough. Leptaden provides potent remedies to boost the production of breast milk. Not only the quantity but also improves the quality of breast milk.


Infertility is a medical problem that needs medical intervention. Infertility might occur when the reproductive system of a person remains deprived of nutrition. For both men and women, reproductive health depends on the health of the reproductive tissue. The objective of Ayurvedic treatment for infertility is to make sure the complete transformation of food into nutrients. Alarsin focuses on the treatment of infertility with an aim of improving the overall health and quality of life of the individual. It helps to solve the problem without any side effect.

Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual Problems may refer to the many different types of menstruation disorders, such as delay or absence of bleeding, painful cramping, and profuse bleeding. These signs should be treated well on time. You should not depend on pain killers to treat menstrual cramps. Aloes Compound aids in menstrual problems more effectively and helps maintain normal ovulatory cycle. It is safer and will not possess any side effects.


Your stomach is lined with a mucosal membrane known as the mucosa and due to a variety of factors, it may become inflamed. This inflammation may cause a lot of problems and complications which are grouped under gastritis. Sooktyn is a holistic form of medicine, which takes into account many factors rather than just the physical disposition and symptoms, that strives to cure the patients of the illness in a well-rounded manner.

Gingivitis and Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is among one of the most common conditions affecting the oral cavity. The primary cause of gingivitis is the bacteria that coat your teeth, and if oral hygiene is poor, it forms a sticky white substance called plaque.There is a cure in Ayurveda for all types of dental diseases.G-32 of Alarsin helps you maintain strong roots and gloss of teeth naturally. It is effective in the treatment of dental diseases such as bad breath, yellow teeth, dental decay, loosening of teeth, bleeding gums, toothache.

Enlarged Prostate

BPH is a common and progressive clinical disease of ageing men, which may be associated with enlargement of the prostate, bothersome Lower Urinary Tract infections and bladder outlet obstruction. Bangshil+Fortege of Alarsinis effective in relieving prostatic congestion,it aims at correcting imbalances & improving the body’s ability to resists further ailment.

Liver Disorder

Liver is a very important organ. Metabolism and digestion in the body is carried by different types of digestive fires (enzymes), which are termed as ‘agni’ and ‘pitta’ in ayurveda. So, in short, liver is a fiery organ, and that is why anything, which is fiery or hot in nature is not good for the liver.

Liv-Compound of Alarsin is a polyherbal formulation which is recommended in treating various liver diseases. The drug toxicity appears to be very low as compared to conventional medicine. Currently available medical therapies for liver disorders have more systemic toxicity therefore physicians hesitate to administrate modern medicine for long term use.


Leucorrhoea is a universal condition experienced by women of all ages.
Excessive discharge of a white, sticky, foul-smelling material from the vagina is called leucorrhoea. There are many causes of leucorrhea, the usual one being estrogen imbalance. The amount of discharge may increase due to vaginal infection or STDs, and also it may disappear and reappear from time to time.
As Kapha is main causative factor for vaginal discharge. Restoration of Agni (digestive fire) in order to cleanse the accumulated toxins and bring Kapha dosha back towards equilibrium and tone up the muscles of reproductive organs with the help of rejuvenating herbs are considered main principle of treatment by Myron of Alarsin.