Dr.B.C.Panda, MD., FCGP, Dr.Sachidananda Pradhan, MD.,

Dr. Manoj Kumar Behera, MBBS., Mr.Indrajit  Maharana, Path.Lab.,

District Head-Quarters Hospital,

PHULBANI 762 001.

Mr.Manuram Das, M.A.,

Specialist in Statistics,

PHULBANI 762 001,


All India Obstetric & Gynaecology Congress, Pune, 29-31 Dec 1982



This double-blind crossover study consisted of 40  patients during the trial of 2 years, with Fortege, in male infertility.

All the  cases  selected had one or the other sexual complaints of Premature Ejaculation, Unsatisfactory sex performance, Fatigue  &

General weakness. The patients were in the age groups of  25-65 yrs. The duration of male infertility was 5 to 20 years. Male  Infertility

was  confirmed by Semen analysis and Fructose Test (Seliwaroff’s) in all  cases, and Super-agglutination Test under direct  microscopy in 6  cases and Testicular Biopsy in 10 cases.

All the 40 cases were divided into two groups of 20 cases each. In each:   Croup,  there were 5 cases of Azoospermia, 10 cases of  Oligo-spermia and 5  cases of  Necrospermia. Standard criteria for normal semen was according to  Marshall,    1976.

Group, I  (20  cases) received X capsules 2 caps. TDS  for the first 6 months, and then Y Capsules, 2 caps. TDS  for the second 6 months. Group II received Y capsules 2 caps. TDS, for the first 6 months and then X capsules, 2 caps. TDS, for the second 6 months.

When the identity of  X(Fortege)  and Y(Placebo) capsules was divulged it was found that there was a statistically significant improvement with  Fortege treatment in sexual complaints as well as in semen picture. There was an improvement in volume and consistency of semen,  in sperm count, in sperm motility, and in sperm morphology.

The conception rate in the wives of those treated with Fortege was significantly higher thanthose treated with placebo.

The beneficial effects of  Fortege over Placebo were statistically significant at  P / 0.01.

No side effects were observed during this treatment. This  study  shows  that  Fortege  is  a drug of choice for routine use in all cases of male infertility where specific causes are excluded.