Dr Kusum Gupta

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Paper presented at the XVI All India Obst Gynaec Congress,

Held at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences

New Delhi, 10 to 12 March 1972


Aloes Compound A Herbal Drug

In Functional Sterility


Mrs Kusum Gupta, M.S.

   Dept of Obst Gynaec S.N. Medical College Agra





Incidence of sterility in Gynaecological practice is one of the commonest disorders met with. Many a time even after complete investigation of the couple no cause could be attributed- Such functional cases are problem to deal with. It was thought worthwhile to try Aloes Compound a preparation from Alarsin Pharmaceuticals before leaving the case to nature.


Pharmacology of the Drug

Each tablet of Aloes compound contains :-

Aloes 60 mg

Myrrh 60 mg

Manjistam 30 mg

Loha (Iron) Bhasma 30 mg

Hurmal 30 mg



The above combination is particularly indicated in genital disorders of psychic origin as it acts through the nervous system.


Selection of cases :


The cases were selected from Gynaec, Out-door and sterility clinic of S. N. Hospital, Agra. Cases coming in private practice were also included. All the cases were thoroughly investigated to find the cause of sterility. Only those

were included in the study where no specific cause could be attributed for sterility. Semenogram of their husbands were within normal limits. A total of 250 cases were studied.


Doses :

For the purpose of evaluation of results after therapy the cases were divided into following groups. No distinction was made Whether the case is of primary or secondary sterility, provided no organic lesion was detected.



GROUP I              - Cases with normal menstrual pattern

100 cases                3-5/25-32 days.


GROUP II                A disturbed menstrual pattern.

150 cases


Sub-group           A             - Prolonged cycle with normal  flow

50 cases                               3-5/35-45 days.


B             - Prolonged cycle With scan‘t y flow

50cases                                                1-2/40-5O days.


C             - Normal cycle with scanty flow

  0 cases 1-2/25-30 days.


In group I of 100 cases Aloes Compound was given in doses of 1 tab T. D. S. for 6 months to 2 years or till conception reported.


In group II double the dose i e. 2 tabs T. D. S. for 6 months; then 1 tab. T. D. S. for 2 years or till conception reported.


The patients were also instructed to have sexual relations in the ovulation period.


Results (Table I


It is obvious from the table that Aloes compound has improved the fertility of the patient- Conception took place

in 46% of normally menstruating women and about 39% in cases with disturbed menstrual function. Menstruation was also improved in 44% to 60% of cases. Sense of well being and improve {merit in health was noticed in 72-5% of all cases. Their mental tension was lowered.




It has been observed that Aloes Compound is a drug of choice in cases of functional sterility and disturbed menstrual functions.




We are thankful to Manthan, Research Division of Alarsin Pharmaceuticals, Bombay-1 for their co-operation in

our trials with Aloes Compound.


Table – 1

Showing Results after Therapy ( Aloes Compound)


Group 1                                                                                Group II


                                                                                %            A             B             C             Total      %

No of cases                         100                                         50           50           50           150

Does Given                         1 tab tds                               2 tabs tds

No of cases conceived   46                           46           19           23           18           59           39

Within 5 months               10                           10           2              3              1              6              4

Within 6 months               15                           15           10           7              9              26           17

Within 1 year                     17                           17           5              11           5              21           14

Within 2 years                   4                              4              2              1              3              6              4

Sense of well being         70                           70    40           32    41           113    75

Improvement in

Menstrul function           -                              -              30           21           27           78           52