Department of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and A. I.,
College of Veterinary Science,
Assam Agricultural University,
Khanapara. Guwahati – 781 022

Indian Journal of Animal Health, December 1988

 Out of 30 anoestrus heifers treated with an indigenous drug ‘Aloes Compound’, 18 (60%) came into oestrus within 30 days from the day of completion of a 10-day course of treatment and 13 (72.6%) out of 18 heifers who were inseminated, became pregnant.

Anoestrous condition in dairy cattle is a major hindrance for the prosperity of the dairy industry. Several investigators have tried to correct this condition in cattle with the help of different drugs and hormonal preparations ( Dindorkar and Kohli, 1973, Sadasivarao and Rao, 1984, Das et al., 1986, Bhattacharya and Shanmugha Sundaram, 1982, Singh et al., 1984) with variable results. However, the present trend is to avoid the use of hormones. Herbal drugs, which are safe, have been used to correct reproductive anomalies in animals and human being (Sharma, 1972, Dange, 1977, Despande, 1983, Jhaveri et al., 1972, Mukherjee et al., 1972). The present study reports the results of a clinical trial with `Aloes compound’ (M/s. Alarsin, Bombay ) in anoestrus cattle.


A total of 40 cross-bred heifers in apparently good health, 21 to 3 years of age were taken for this study. All the animals were kept under standard feeding and managerial conditions of the Instructional Livestock Farm, College of Veterinary Science, AAU., Khanapara and at organized private herds, in and around Khanapara under I.C.D.P, Guwahati-22. On rectal examination the animals were found to be in anoestrus condition with normal size ovaries, neither distinct corpus luteum nor Graafian follicle(s) on either ovary and no detectable genital abnormalities.

Out of these 40 heifers, 30 were fed with Aloes Compound g 15 tablets once a day, for 10 days, and 10 animals were kept as the control without any treatment. All the animals of both groups were observed for any signs of oestrus for 30 days beginning from the 1st day, when the animals of the trial group received “Aloes Compound”. The animals that came into oestrus either from the trial or control group were inseminated artificially. The pregnancy was confirmed after 45 days of insemination.


Out of 30 anoestrus heifers treated with Aloes Compound, 18 (60%) came into oestrus within 30 days after completion of 10 days treatment. The uterine tone was

pronounced in all the animals that came into oestrus and normal discharge could be seen.

Thirteen (72.66%) of the 18 heifers that came into oestrus after treatment with the Aloes Compound and were inseminated, became pregnant. Of the 10 heifers in the control group, 3 (30%) heifer came into oestrus within 30 days of observation, but the intensity of oestrus was weak. None of the animals which were inseminated became pregnant. Despande (1983) reported similar findings in anoestrus buffaloes which supports the findings of the present study.


The authors are thankful to the Dean, Faculty of Vety. Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati-22 for providing facilities and MSS Alarsin Pharmaceuti­cals, Bombay for supplying Aloes Compound for the study.


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